Monday, December 7, 2009

vintage miami beach

everything old was new again in miami beach this year. locals dress circa 1981 whilst snacking on export sodas with guava paste and cream cheese (yum!), tried and true artworks predominated (like warhols) at art basel miami beach, nada set up shop at the deauville beach resort and the vintage stores were overflowing with good quality, well priced items. head over to 650 lincoln road to enjoy the calm and curated fly boutique ; i had gone first to the stuffed to the gills recycled blues around the corner at 1507 washington avenue and became a little overwhelmed by all the coats (abandoned shearlings and furs abound), tee shirts, jeans--a lot of everything really. if you're patient you can get some great stuff (everything was 50% off), my "ny state of mind" needed lunch first. grab a delicious and authentic buckwheat crepe at a la folie tucked away on the nearby and very charming 516 espanola way that's right off washington avenue. there are a lot of cute boutiques and restaurants on espanola and washington; a couple of blocks away is lincoln road that's a bit fancier (there's even the parisian patisserie paul on lincoln along with boutiques with selections that would play well in the "expensive" part of barneys).

i had a tooled leather bag on my to-do list so i was excited to find one in black (i live in ny for goodness sake!) at fly as well as an awesome 70's metal belt (both in the picture) that i'm sure will look great on a black dress... the owner and salesclerks at fly are very accommodating and are happy to pull jewelry, belts, rings, bags and other accessories for you to try. the clothes range from last season gucci to more vintage selections; there are also comfy chairs if you (or your shopping companion) need a break. they also were flexible on prices for items that had been in the shop for a bit.

next time, "what's mexican silver?" and a bit about the markings on silver jewelry.

peace out, flatsie

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