Thursday, December 10, 2009

random retail redux

so, I said our next stop was mexican silver and scoop about sterling markings and their meaning, but what's a journey without a little detour? (If you need to know now, go to the wonderful website for the full scoop. The marks can tell who, when, where and what. scandinavian and american companies product are particularly collectible, btw. I'm obsessed with danish silver jewelry (with enamel) from the 1970's (pricey usually, but very good quality) and tiffany's stuff (love that classic american brand when I find it for $20 at my favorite little nyc flea and farmer's market at 66/67 streets and 1st avenue every saturday!).

but I digress: here's what's happening. there's something good going on at club monaco. The staff can be uneven, but there's a ton of very wearable, well-fitting professional clothes and great accessories (gloves, hats and scarves) for women of all ages (the men's clothes have been more consistently good over the years). Nice little black dresses, skirts, thin v-neck sweaters and cutes tops (in all colors) you can mix and match. The things are nicely detailed and many things go on sale because they're bringing in a lot of product and turning it over pretty quickly. The jewelry is nice looking, but I feel expensive for the quality (super into rhinestones? pop over to or pop online to m and j trimming for a strand of rhinestones you can tie into bolero, choker or bracelet.) supposedly, cm has a new designer, whatever it is, it's nice to be able to go there again and count on being able to find something again.

for hosiery, I'd skip cm and other boutiques and go to h&m (italian stockings and tights often get marked down to $2 (!) in ny, but even full priced, they have nice, good quality options that don't approach the $75+ wolford levels). Or, my favorite staple is a very good quality, small gauge black fishnets and other fancy hosiery and tights from the canadian website shapings. the last for 10 wears fishnets are made by philippe matignon; i literally buy them in bulk for everyday wear.

bloomingdales is also going a little crazy--in a good way. by and large their staff is very professional and customer oriented and in ny (everywhere?), we're now in the minimum of 40 percent off mode. plus there are private sales and other coupons floating around for extra 10-20 percent off. even if you don't have the coupons, i just mentioned that i forgot my coupon and got an extra 10-20 percent off. this was extra good at the stuart weitzman boutique--fun, over the knee, soft nappa leather boots ended up being 60 percent off at the same time zappos and bloomingdales own website has them at full price $500+ depending on the style.

also, hit the shiseido counter for a simple winter skincare routine: ultimate cleansing oil is a great nondrying makeup removing wash and i'm liking the new future solution lx night cream (for day and night). to get out the door quickly use that moisturizer, a touch of advanced hydro liquid makeup (as light foundation and concealer) with the white lucent brightening eye treatment. add a touch of blush (the line has a color stick that's a bit glossy and in pretty colors) on cheeks and lips and i'm out the door (well, +/- another 10 minutes of putting on jewelry, which brings us back to mexican silver...).

query du blog: will mexican silver ever get its due in this blog or will it suffice that i wear 7 lbs of it almost every day?

peace out, flatsie

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