Wednesday, February 25, 2009

first things first

is it possible to be un-selfconscious (unconscious?) about "blogging?" well, better to focus on the objective--resolving important questions and pointing out the things that matter (for example, the handwritten note, monogrammed stationary, vintage etiquette books from 1923 and listening to the classics of literature on cd (the cheater's path to renaissance status).

why blog? to answer: is it possible to use a waffle iron to make panini or grilled chicken? i own (didn't say use) every other kitchen appliance and wondered if i could skip yet another purchase in case i wanted to take a stab at imitating the perfect panini at Ino in the west village (elements of greatness: top quality ingredients judiciously applied and grilled more like being toasted and not fried, another approach i've seen but think successful only in the context of working your way into a hangover or enacting its cure). i had a baking issue with an ina garten recipe for puff pastry cinnamon rolls (which were pretty gross, came out raw and oily then got burnt and oily) because i baked in a pan not a muffin tin and it turns out i found other folks online whose blogs confirmed it was the pan choice that set the mess in motion. so this blog's initial intention is to avoid harm to an innocent waffle iron and maybe make panini or two.

peace out!